A united community with a strong regional presence.

Through 90 years of land stewardship, Metroparks has seen that people care for their environment if they positively interact with it. The success and vitality of our community depends on understanding that if we take care of the environment, it will take care of us.

This is a community effort. The project has already secured $13 million to complete the first phase—the first 30 acres. It will take the combined effort of the private and public sectors to ensure that we make the most of the city’s forward movement to transform our future. Together, we can accomplish this vision of a united community that has a strong regional presence.

Budget projection for Riverwalk infrastructure:


Planning, Design, and Construction




Security Center/Operations Facility


Land Acquisition


Grand Total Budget


Join us. Together we can build Toledo's tomorrow.

Together we can transform our region and create a sustainable, thriving community for generations to come. Our time is now. An investment in Glass City Riverwalk is an investment in our region’s vision to reinvent itself.


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